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Practice what you preach

Date: October 12, 2016 | Time: 12:51pm | Posted By: Hope Chiropractors

Over a week ago, I nearly was hospitalized because I was very ill. The symptoms that I was expressing were extremely scary to say the least. The symptoms included numbness and tingling that covered my head and face and traveled down both my left and right arms. The numbness and tingling continued all the way down both my legs. In addition to the numbness and the tingling, I had a terrible stomachache, my body was tremoring and was engulfed in weakness. I really thought I was going to die. I could not move. I could not help myself.

I called my husband, Mike, and told him that I was not well and that he needed to come and help me. This was a call that he had never received before and I'm sure a call that really scared him.
He was able to quickly come up with a game plan at his work to be able to leave and come to be by my side. I give thanks to his company for being understanding. When he arrived, I was thankful that he was able to calm himself enough to be rational. I am thankful that he trusts the body and God's design. He has a firm understanding of how the body has been created to heal.

In the state I was in, I could not rationally think. I could not think at all. I just knew I did not feel well!! Mike reached out to chiropractors that he knew to adjust me, which I am thankful he did. I did get adjusted this evening.

The symptoms did not stop they continue to come and go pretty intensely throughout Tuesday and into Wednesday. By the middle of the day, the symptoms became so intense that I really didn't know what to do. My husband was on his way home from work again to help me. He and I debated on whether I should go to urgent care. Being I did not want anything that a medical doctor could offer me, I pleaded that he would take me to get adjusted again. I knew that if I went to a medical doctor that they would order expensive tests and prescribe medications (which have side effects when taken).

My husband loaded me up into the car and he took me to get adjusted again. In our travels to one doctor of chiropractic, we decided that we would also visit another doctor of chiropractor's office who does Applied Kinesiology. Being that his schedule is usually packed for weeks to months out, we knew that we would at least be able to purchase some supplements that would allow for some healing naturally from within. When we walked into this doctor's office, God knew I needed his help. The patient that was supposed to be there did not make his appointment. It was mine. I was extremely thankful. Upon evaluation he determined that I had a gallbladder infection. I was given one homeopathic remedy for bacteria and three Standard Process supplements to aid in healing. After these two appointments, Mike took me back home and I went right back to bed.

I had never slept so much in my whole life as I did these four days. Resting and healing. By Thursday the numbness and tingling had decreased to only my forehead and face as well as my upper arms. The other symptoms still persisted - fever, stomachache, my insides were shaking and my whole body was weak.

I returned this day to the doctor's office to be evaluated further. I received a chiropractic adjustment, of course, and was evaluated by the Applied Kinesiologist (Doctor of Chiropractic). At this point, my blood sugar was low and another Standard Process supplement was given. After the appointment, I returned to home to sleep another day away.

By Friday evening I was able to keep my eyes open and sit motionless on the couch for about 3 hours. The numbness and tingling were gone. I was giving thanks for my body's ability to heal. I still knew that more healing was necessary and I continued to trust my body.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday came and went. I continued to have the fever, stomachache shaking and weakness. I was able to move around very slowly. I received a chiropractic adjustment Saturday and Monday. By Monday night, I believed that I was starting to feel human again or perhaps I was starting to feel alive again. Actually I am not sure how to even state how I was feeling. Perhaps I was starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

Tuesday, I was about 75% better and the trust that my body would heal has become my reality. I have never been this sick in my life! In the past, if I was sick, I would get adjusted and then by the evening or next day I would have been better. The longest time that I had been sick in the past was probably for two days. This time I was sick for eight days. I don't know why it took so long for my body to heal, but it did. I was able TO PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH!

On Tuesday morning, I could actually think again. I knew exactly what I would be recommending for my patients to be doing. The following are the words that I would be saying
The road to healing takes time. Healing doesn't always happen as fast as we would like. In our society, we have a quick fix mentality when it comes to health. Be patient because your body can heal. God created our body to heal. Just like when you cut your finger, it heals. Our body is amazing.
I knew that the infection was still present in my body because I still had the fever. My body was elevating the temperature to kill the bacteria. I was given continued hope because the intensity of the symptoms was decreasing and I knew that I was continuing to heal. I needed to still be patient and NOT rush back into a busy schedule. I did not need to overdo it, potentially putting myself back into the situation I was in last week or worse.

This morning I awoke. I was happy to say to my husband that "Pam was back". I am thankful for all prayers for healing. I am thankful for the wonderful doctors that allow my body to heal naturally - Dr. Doug McLeod, Dr. Lanny Lipson, Dr. Keith Khalil, and Dr. Linda Galladay. I appreciate each of you and your expertise. I appreciate that you helped me to achieve my goal which was to allow my body to heal on its own with exactly the "tools" I approve of.

When seeking a doctor, you have to go to the doctor that will use the "tools" you are okay with and give you a recommendation that you will follow to achieve your health goal. I remember having this conversation during Spring Hill over Labor Day with friends of ours. The little boy told me that I was not a "real doctor". My response was first to ask him what it meant to be a doctor and of course he did not have an answer. I went on to have a conversation with those at our table about what it meant to be a doctor. Doctor is just the level of education a person has. I did attend college for enough years, passed my classes and earned my doctorate. I was a real doctor just like Doctors of Philosophy (PhD), Doctors of Dental Science (D.D.S), Medical Doctor (M.D.), Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.), Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.), etc. We all went to school long enough to earn our doctorate and our specialty. As a Doctor of Chiropractic our "tools" do not include prescriptions drugs and surgery. Our tools are the chiropractic adjustment, supplements, homeopathy, and things that will enable the body to heal on its own without interference.

Pam Tomaszycki, D.C.

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What is up with the CHICKEN?

Date: July 13, 2016 | Time: 8:05am | Posted By: Hope Chiropractors

Have you noticed a change in the consistency of the chicken you buy at the grocery store, meat markets or with the chicken served at restaurants? Over the past year my family has noticed that the consistency of the chicken has changed. It is harder to chew and has a very different consistency; a consistency that is difficult to explain. I almost want to say that it is a little like gristle or as Sarah, one of my childcare providers, stated that chicken is "difficult to cut and is almost stringy". The change in the consistency of chicken made my husband and I ask a few questions. It also confirmed that we should spend a little more money to buy a better quality of chicken.

What is up with the chicken bought today? When you buy skinless, boneless chicken breasts, do you ever think about how big they are and the size of the chicken that they must have come from? According to Phillip Clauer, a senior instruct at Penn State Extension, "an average broiler (chicken) . . . reaches 5 pounds (live weight) in 5 weeks. At the desired weight, a company catching crew will catch and load the birds onto trucks to be transported to the processing plant". (1) Did you catch that? The chicken on the store shelves are only about 5 weeks old. What is in that chicken feed to make that chicken grow that big and that fast?

Most of the feed used is "medicated but organic and pastured small farms will often use unmedicated feed". Meat birds are fed "high-protein feeds and is sometimes called "grower-finisher" instead". (2) The poultry grower finisher (chicken feed) sold at Tractor Supply consists of the following ingredients. It has a "high energy content and quality protein. The ingredient are crude protein, lysine, methionine, crude fat, crude fiber, calcium, phosphorus, salt, and selenium". Is it just the food that makes a chicken grow to 5 pounds in 5 weeks or is it something in addition to the feed?

The Gerber chicken that we buy from a local Amish Meat Market is smaller in size and is tender. It is much different in consistency from what is bought in the grocery stores, other meat markets or sold at restaurants. On the package of Gerber chicken on the bottom left it states
All Natural Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts with Rib Meat
Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients. Less than 5% retained water.
Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in chicken.
On the top left of the Gerber chicken package is states
100% Vegetarian Diet
NO Antibiotics EVER
No By-Products
No Hormones
Nothing Added

I would have to conclude that what the chicken is fed and given has something to do with the consistency of the chicken? Otherwise the Gerber Poultry Company would not have to label the chicken this way, right? The chicken we eat from Gerber has a vegetarian diet. Other chicken is fed crude protein, lysine, methionine, crude fat, and crude fiber. Lysine and methionine are amino acids which are building blocks for proteins. Therefore the chicken is being fed a lot of protein, fat and fiber which is not a vegetarian diet.

The packaging for the Gerber Chicken lists "NO Antibiotics EVER". Earlier in this post I mentioned that most chicken is being fed medicated feed which includes antibiotics. It also lists no hormones or by-products. So the 5 to 7 week old chickens that are mass produced and sold at grocery stores and most meat markets must be made up of
High protein, fat and fiber diet including by-products
Medications including antibiotics
And possibly hormones (even though the label states that the federal
regulations prohibit the use of hormones)

Is the concern only with the consistency of the chicken? I actually believe it is a little more than this. Protein in our diet builds healthy muscle. If we have protein from a poor source, what kind of muscle can it build in you? In your children? Could this be producing some of the sickness and disease that we have in America? Have you heard the saying, "you are what you eat"? I think that what we feed our bodies has the ability to produce sickness or health.

Dr. Pam Tomaszycki, D.C.

1. Clauer, P. (2016). Modern Meat Chicken Industry (Poultry). Retrieved July 13, 2016, from

2. Arcuri, L. (n.d.). Types of Commercial Chicken or Poultry Feed. Retrieved July 13, 2016, from
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SIX Ingredients to AVOID on Food Labels!

Date: June 17, 2016 | Time: 1:45pm | Posted By: Hope Chiropractors

Do you read food labels? If so, are there certain ingredients that you avoid? Reading food labels can be a daunting task. Attempting to read all of the words that are difficult to pronounce and an ingredient label that is super long. This is actually my first clue that I should not buy the product. My husband and I have also created a list that makes it easier and faster to put a food product back on the shelf.

The ingredients that we avoid are
Propylene glycol (like antifreeze)
Monosodium glutamate (hidden under other names such as autolyzed and hydrolyzed)
Red Dye (actually all food dyes)
High Fructose Corn Syrup
Trans Fat (hidden in the ingredient label as hydrogenated)
Interesterified Fat (worse than trans fat)

This is not an all-inclusive list, however it does make scanning a label a lot quicker. If we see these ingredients, we simply put the item back on the shelf and search for another product. Eventually it becomes easier to shop because you know which products and brands that have the ingredients in that you are okay with buying. Just be careful because sometimes the ingredients do change.

The reason why we avoid these food is because they are not good for your body. They are artificially made and have side effects. In fact, over the years as we have consistently read food labels, we buy less in the grocery store and prepare our food from scratch at home. It is time well invested for our family's health. We spend our evenings and mornings prepping foods and we utilize our crock pots. It is not uncommon for us to have a crock pot cooking food through the night to pack for our lunches in the morning. We then have a second crock pot that we put on a timer to cook throughout the day that has our dinner in it.

It is time well invested. Time invested on our health.

Dr. Pam Tomaszycki, D.C.

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Date: April 25, 2016 | Time: 7:42am | Posted By: Hope Chiropractors

I have heard this analogy a couple of times. If you want to know what a person's roots are, then look at the fruits being produced. This could be used in so many situations like health, relationships, finances, etc.

The roots are created by what we have been taught growing up and what we continuously hear over and over again by people, media, music, television, and internet. Our roots continue to be developed by what we learn as we go through life. Our roots determine what we invest our time, energy and money. These roots will soon produce our fruits; the things we see in our life.

There is a verse in the Bible that states, "Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord. He is like a tree planted by water, that sends out its roots by the stream, and does not fear when heat comes, for its leaves remain green, and is not anxious in the year of drought, for it does not cease to bear fruit." (Jer. 17:7-8)

A question that each of us can ask ourselves is what are the fruits being produced in our life's? Are we are proud of the fruits? Are we excited to be producing these types of fruits? Or are you not happy with the roots? Answering these questions may be the biggest challenge. Once you can identify the fruits that you like and the ones you don't like, you can choose to continue to nurture the roots that produce the fruits you like. You can also change the roots that produced those fruits you don't like. Know that it may not be a quick fix; it may not happen in one day; it may take a commitment and a desire to make a change.

I see this daily in the healthcare industry. I am blessed to care for patients that are seeking answers to their health challenge; to pain. I offer a solution to correct the cause of the problem. To correct the misalignments of the spine that are interfering with the nerve system function appropriately. If your roots have been that you need to care for your spine like you do your teeth or your body, then you probably already have been seeking chiropractic care to ensure that your spine remains free of decay. However if in your roots, you were not taught the importance of caring for your spine, then you probably have decay that has set in over the years.

When it comes to health, some people will have the roots that are based in "quick fixes". They will choose to cover up their symptoms with medications or just remove the part that is not functioning without considering the long term effects. The question to ask yourself, is how is it working for you? Is it producing the quality of life that you want?

It's our roots that will determine our future and whether our "leaves will remain green throughout our life". Our roots, when it comes to our health, will determine what our retirement years will be like. I choose quality! What do you choose?

Pam Tomaszycki, D.C.

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"The most common symptom of curable colon cancer is NOTHING".

Date: March 4, 2016 | Time: 2:49pm | Posted By: Hope Chiropractors

This is on the billboard sign on M 59 at Van Dyke Expressway in honor of Colon Cancer Awareness.

This sign can actually be taken a step further. The most common symptom of ____________is NOTHING. You can fill in the blank with many diseases (heart attack, cancer, etc). My question to you is when do you take action and focus on your health or lack of health? Do you wait for symptoms to show up (reactive)? Are you proactive?

Some of us may have a belief that was taught to us by those around us or the American society. If you have SYMPTOMS, you are NOT HEALTHY. If you have NO SYMPTOMS, you are HEALTHY.

The lack of symptoms, does not indicate health. And vice versa, the presence of symptoms does not indicate the lack of health. It cannot get any more confusing, can it? Let me explain this.

Let's start with the presence of symptoms; symptoms like fever, vomiting, diarrhea. These symptoms can be a healthy response. For example, you may have just eaten something that is toxic which has created food poisoning in your body. Your body wants to get rid of the food as fast as possible from all directions so that the toxins do minimal damage. Another example of these symptoms being a healthy response, is in the case of a bacteria or virus entering your body. The body may create these symptoms in order to kill the bacteria or virus. In these two examples, what would happen if you stopped these symptoms? The food, bacteria or virus could create a bigger problem; more sickness; more destruction. These symptoms are good even though they may not feel well.

What about symptoms such as aches, pain, numbness and tingling. Are these healthy symptoms? Probably not. These symptoms usually are your body's warning signals going off. "Houston we have a problem"! Each person has a choice on how they deal with these types of symptoms. First, you can choose to cover up these warning symptoms with medications. Second, you can choose to listen to your body and seek help to find and correct the cause. I will tell you that you can NOT correct the cause of these symptoms with a medication because the cause of the problem is not a lack of a medication. If you choose to cover up the symptoms with medications it would be like the following example. When the engine light goes off in your car, you take duct tape and put it over the light so that you cannot see the light anymore. Is the problem with your car gone? What will happen eventually with your car if you took this approach and never searched for the cause of the engine light going on? My guess is that the car would eventually not work any longer. You then would be forced to do what you could have chosen to do when the engine light originally went on You could have taken it to the mechanic and had them search for the cause of the engine light going on. Had the repair and your car would continue to run smoothly. My point of all of this is that when there are symptoms present, don't ignore them. Don't cover them up with medication. Find the cause, because your body is attempting to alert you that there is a serious problem going on inside.

This leads us to when your body has no symptoms. This situation can be the most challenging, especially if you have the mentality "if it is not broke then don't fix it". If you judge your health like a big portion of our American society (as mentioned above), then you would believe that if you have no symptoms then you are healthy. Let's revisit the billboard sign by the medical doctor that stated, "The most common symptom of curable colon cancer is NOTHING. So if you are waiting for a symptom to show up to take action, then you are a time bomb waiting to happen.

I urge you to take a proactive approach when it comes to your health. Take care of your health and your body. You are only given one body for your entire lifetime. Invest in it, both time and money. Invest in nutritious food, clean water, exercise, chiropractic care, proper amount of sleep are a few examples.

How you invest in your health today, will determine the quality of life you will have in your future. What do you want your retirement years to look like? Are you wanting to create quantity (maximum number of years), quality (able to do the things you enjoy doing), or BOTH?

Dr. Pam Tomaszycki, D.C.

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Are you "PATCHING" your health like the roads?

Date: January 15, 2016 | Time: 2:05pm | Posted By: Hope Chiropractors

As I was driving across M-59 this morning, I became very aware of the condition of the roads as I hit a pothole and dodged to avoid others. The section of road that I was driving on was covered in asphalt patches. Holes that were filled with asphalt due to damage from the cars and weather. Chunks of the patches were coming out again leaving the holes.

I am sure that we see how the roads are taking care of and how the problems are corrected. At first they attempt to patch the holes as a temporary fix. Eventually they may spend more time and money to remove a big portion of the concrete by cutting out a couple square feet and then fill it in with new concrete. Down the line, the inevitable happens, and the entire road has to be torn out and the new put in. This can be very expensive and time consuming.
My mind began wander, connecting the road conditions to how people take care of their health. When their health begins to crumble or fall apart, they "patch" it or cover it up with medications and/or pain pills. When the next big "pot hole" is created or major health challenge comes along, they again cover up with more patching. Perhaps now the patch does not work and now they have to actually remove a portion of the body that is not working properly with surgery. BUT what happens to your health when it continues to crumble?

We are given only one body. A body that has exactly the right number of parts that it needs to function perfectly when maintained and taken care of. We cannot totally remove the portion of our body that has totally malfunctioned like that 1 mile stretch of the road. The damage is done and a lot of it is permanent. Now what do you do? What decisions do you have to make? Tough ones!

The road to healing is not an easy one. It is a road that takes time and a financial investment. Perhaps your health is worth it to you; perhaps it is not. If it is, there are healthy lifestyle changes you can make that can begin to make a difference like eating healthy, drinking water, exercising, and adding chiropractic as a part of your routine to allow for some healing to take place.

So the choice is up to each of us. Do you take care of your health like the roads? Or do you focus on doing all that you can to take care of the ONE body that you have; and the health of that one body during your entire lifetime?

Pamela L. Tomaszycki, D.C.
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Have you seen the billboard?

Date: December 2, 2015 | Time: 4:07pm | Posted By: Hope Chiropractors

"Keep healthy, get your flu vaccine"

Every time I pass this billboard on I-94, my initial thought is that I will keep healthy. However I will keep healthy by NOT getting the flu vaccine! My plan for keeping healthy will be a little different than injecting my body with a vaccine full of chemicals to be injected into my body to protect me from only ONE strain of the flu (H1N1 flu virus, bird virus, swine virus, etc). Not to mention the chemicals which potentially could have side effects. Being that there are more than ONE strain of the flu, I would rather focus on a different approach.
I would rather focus on keeping a healthy immune system which is strong and can rid itself of any germ, bacteria or virus that comes my way. So when it comes to the flu, cold or any other sickness, I focus on investing in things that will build my immune system up to fight EVERY strain of the flu, bacteria, virus or germ I come in contact with.

I will build my immune system by
1) getting the proper amount of rest
2) providing my body with the proper nutrition to make strong, healthy cells
3) drink the appropriate amount of water. This is calculated by taking my body weight and dividing it in half. This equals the ounces of water I need to drink daily.
4) taking good quality supplements, when necessary
5) and of course, making sure my nerve system is free of nerve interference. Since every single cell, organ and system (including the immune system) is controlled by the nerve system

Growing up, I would probably have believed this billboard. I believed that health came from a pill or from the outside. When I was sick, my parents would take me to the Medical Doctor. The MD would give me a prescription for amoxicillin. I would take it and my body would get better. It was not until I was able to drive that I realized that my body could actually heal itself. I would drive myself to our family medical doctor per my parents' request. I would get the script for amoxicillin but I would not drive to the pharmacy. Instead I would drive home and sleep. And, by surprise (seriously!), my body would heal....even without the amoxicillin.

Today I have an understanding of where health comes from. I trust that taking care of my body will result in true health.

Dr. Pam Tomaszycki, D.C.
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Degenerative changes are seen in patients WITH and WITHOUT Back Pain.

Date: November 17, 2015 | Time: 5:00pm | Posted By: Hope Chiropractors

This is exactly why I tell patients that "pain is the WORST indicator of health." A normal spine is able to protect the nerve system. A degenerative spine is NOT able to protect the nerve system.

I am reading an x-ray report from the Henry Ford Health System today and on a part of the report it states the following;

Degenerative changes are seen within the thoracolmbar spine.

The following findings are so common in normal, pain-free volunteers that while we report their presence, they must be interpreted with caution and in the context of the clinical situation. Among people over the age of 60 who do not have back pain, a plain film x-ray will find that about;
9 in 10 have disc degeneration
8 in 10 have disc height loss
4 in 10 have facet degeneration
3 in 10 have spondylolisthesis

Let's first define a few things. Although a condition may be labeled as "COMMON" or may actually be seen commonly does not make it "NORMAL". If we use these parameters and apply them in other areas of health care, we would have to surmise that cavities are "Normal" for children. Foolish.

Osteoarthritis, or more commonly known as DJD (degenerative joint disease). Although it may be common, its risks are not normal or expected. Why is it, that it is more common to have 1 knee or 1 hip replacement surgery? Do we find that we hop on one leg for a majority of our lives, therefore wearing this single joint down? No, the reason we more commonly see DJD later on in life is because many of us go through injuries or stress to our frame and structure many times in our early lives and then leave it. We let the problem fester. The body then builds up toxins around the joints due to a loss of movement and proper circulation. What happens then is the joint begins to move irregularly, creating irregular wear patterns to the joint. In most cases, the body won't allow this process to be unchecked. So what the body does next is the Visual component, what we see, Lippincott and spring of the bone. This is the single most common indicator to diagnose "Arthritis". By this time the process has been in play for years.

This is why it is imperative to identify the biomechanical imperfection early. Your chiropractor is uniquely qualified better than any other doctor to correct this problem. Yes, early enough detection means that DJD may be reversed or prevented.

So I will leave you with this thought. Why are we leaving our kids home to potentially live with this problem later on in life?

Dr. Douglas McLeod
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Does the CANDY FAIRY come to your home?

Date: October 30, 2015 | Time: 5:54am | Posted By: Hope Chiropractors

Parents, what do you do with all the candy your children get during Halloween? Do you let them eat all they want? Do you put a limit to one candy per day? Do you get tired of having all that candy around your home? Do you not like your children to have all of that candy because it is not good for them or for you?

Solution. Have the Candy Fairy visit your home! Every year since our children began trick-or-treating, the Candy Fairy has stopped by our home. The Candy Fairy will visit your home in the middle of the night on Halloween or even the next night. Whenever it is convenient to your family. The Candy Fairy magically visits your home and takes the bags of candy that is laid by the front door. She will leave a gift or money in exchange for the candy. Similar to what the tooth fairy does. The tooth fairy will take a tooth and leave money.

Benefit. There is not an excess of candy around your home, making each person in the home unhealthy. The children also get an opportunity to have fun on Halloween and they end up with something they would enjoy just as much as the candy.

This is how it works in our home. My children will collect candy at school and church functions. They will also collect it during trick-or-treating. They then get to eat a couple of pieces along the way as well as pick 10 of their favorite pieces of candy and put it in a Ziploc bag. The pretzels, chips and other items like this is set to the side and given out throughout the week in their lunches or given as snacks. Prizes or money collected by each child is also kept for themselves. My children then put the rest of the candy into bags which will be set at the front door for the Candy Fairy.

When the Candy Fairy comes, she collects the candy and leaves the prize or money. She then will take all the candy that she has collected from all of the homes to other boys and girls throughout the world that were not able to celebrate Halloween.

Dr. Pam Tomaszycki, D.C.
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"Growing Pains"

Date: October 8, 2015 | Time: 9:04am | Posted By: Hope Chiropractors

Have you said or have you heard someone use these words? What does this mean? Does it really hurt to grow? Should it?

Coming from a mother raising 3 children whose ages are currently 5, 8 and 10, I know that growing should not hurt. However children injure themselves almost daily. From learning to walk, to playing sports, playing on the playground, rough housing, wrestling with dads or each other, and many more ways.

These minor bumps and bangs jam and jar the spine or other joints in the body. If the injuries are not corrected they heal possibly misaligned and stuck. Then those areas begin to grow but due to the injuries left uncorrected, the child experiences a discomfort or pains. Some people have accepted the term "growing pains" as a reality. They haven't been taught how to care for their spine or joints let alone know how to take care of their children's spine or joints.

My children have complaints of knee pain, foot pain, neck ache, headache, etc. They get their spine checked. If misalignments are located, the misalignments are corrected. The body heals. And instantly they are better.

I know parents want the best for the children. I know that if they understood the importance of regular spinal checks, they would invest in their child's health. I believe that parents don't want their children to have "growing pains" or to hurt.

Schedule an appointment to have your spine and your children's spine checked today. Make sure you schedule with the specialist in this area, a doctor of chiropractic!

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Vertebral Subluxation

Date: October 5, 2015 | Time: 7:35am | Posted By: Hope Chiropractors

"When chiropractors use this phrase, vertebral subluxation, they refer to mechanical compression and irritation to spinal joints and nerves". The strong bones of the spine have been designed to protect the delicate nerve system. The brain, spinal cord, and nerves are part of the nerve system. Your brain is your master controller. Your brain sends messages to all parts of the body through the spinal cord and out through the nerves.
The nerve system is like the electrical wires in a home. You have a Electrical Box that is like the Brain. The wires run out from the electrical box to the areas of your home, like your T.V., lights, refrigerator, etc. What happens if the wire running to your T.V. is pinched, kinked or even severed, will your T.V. work? Well, of course, not!
The same thing happens in your body, when there is interference between the electrical box (brain) and the parts of the house (body), then that part of the house (body) will not be able to work or will work (function) at a less than optimal level.
Therefore vertebral subluxation can affect the body in many ways. For one person, it could show up as back pain. For another person it could be ear infections or gastrointestinal complaints or (fill in the blank).

Dr. Pam Tomaszycki, D.C.
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Who Created Your Beliefs?

Date: September 22, 2015 | Time: 5:43pm | Posted By: Hope Chiropractors

Beliefs are like a pair of glasses. We each view our life through our own glasses. The way we see our life is by the beliefs that have fogged our glasses.

Who creates each of our beliefs? I believe it more than ever before, that our beliefs are created and established early on in life. They are created by our parents, our caregivers, our teachers, and others that are around us growing up.

Some examples of beliefs are listed below.
o That health comes from a pill
o That life is a downward spiral from birth to death
o That there is a God
o That anything is possible
o That nothing really matters
o Vote Republican or Democratic
Since it was not each us who created our own beliefs or the fog on our glasses; than at some point in our life, I think that it is safe to say, that we have to evaluate the fog on our glasses.

I can think of a couple of times in my life that I have had to realize I had foggy glasses and needed some cleaner to clean away the fog. The first time that I cleaned the fog was when I began working in a doctor of chiropractor's office. I saw people get better without drugs or surgery. Another time that I was able to clean away another layer of fog from my glasses was when I realized that I was not the one in control of my life or others. That my Creator was in control of my life. A third time that this happened in my life was during a conversation with a family member. I actually witnessed how our words as a parent can truly create who our children will become possibly detouring them for all that they were created to be.

I look back in my life and truly am blessed for all those people that were put in my life. I also am thankful that I have had the opportunity to put some of my beliefs to the test. I am thankful that I have been open to making change if those beliefs that were passed onto me as a child where not creating the results that I wanted in my life.

We are each created for a purpose. Don't let the fog on your glasses stop you from your purpose!

Dr. Pam Tomaszycki, D.C.
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Women, Mothers, and Mothers To Be (Part 3)

Date: September 9, 2015 | Time: 3:56am | Posted By: Hope Chiropractors

In order to be the best mother possible, you must consider the things to prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy, labor and childbirth.

There are some things that each woman would consider when pregnant, like eating right and having the correct prenatal vitamins. Getting the right amount of sleep. Keep moving and even exercising during pregnancy. Mentally preparing during the pregnancy for what is to come. (Note: I wrote about this in Part 2).
What about physically preparing the body for the changes that will occur during pregnancy? And the changes that are expected to happen during delivery? And even the demands on the mother's body after childbirth as she takes care of her new baby.

Chiropractic care is very beneficial before pregnancy and throughout the entire pregnancy as well as after delivery. Below I will discuss the benefits during each of these phases.

During pregnancy the spine, pelvis and body will shift to accommodate the baby as he/she grows. However if there have been injuries or damage to the spine before this time in life, then it restricts the body's ability to accommodate the babies growth. The mother will possibly begin to experience discomfort. The baby's position will be compromised.

Let me expand on what I mean when I mention injuries and/or damage to the spine before pregnancy. Physical injuries can happen throughout a person life beginning at childbirth, then when learning to walk, or ride a bike, playing sports, automobile accidents, falls, and much more. These events can jam and jar the spine. If they are not corrected when they occur, they will heal in wrong and add layers of damage to the spine. Let's use an onion, for example. If you take an onion and cut it in half, you will see the layers. Imagine that each layer represents and injury that you have had throughout your life. The more injuries you have had in your lifetime, the more layers of the onion you will have over your spine and therefore the more layers of weakness. So the best time to correct these injuries is before pregnancy.

However these injuries and misalignments can also be corrected during the pregnancy. Chiropractic care is safe for the pregnant mother and the baby in utero. Mothers that I have had the opportunity to adjust over the past fourteen years comment about how much easier their pregnancies were while regularly undergoing chiropractic care.

Chiropractic can be helpful after delivery to continue to correct the misalignments that can occur due to living life, the care of the newborn baby, the care of the home, and more. The lifting, bending, twisting while caring for the baby can cause misalignments. When nursing the baby, sometimes the posture of the mother is not always ideal which can cause misalignments in the spine.

As a chiropractor, these misalignments are more specifically called subluxations. A subluxation is when the bones of the spine misalign and choke the nerve. The spine was designed to protect the nerve system. When the injuries and misalignment occur, the spine does the exact opposite and begins to interfere with the nerve system. The nerve system controls how your body functions. The brain is the master controller and the wires or nerves link the brain with all the other parts of the body. Every cell, tissue, organ and system of the body is controlled through the nerve system. So by getting chiropractic care, it allows the nerve system to function better every time and therefore the body to function better.

This leads me to the thought about getting your newborn baby checked right from birth. The first spinal injury can happen during the delivery process. If the baby is born in the hospital the doctors usually hold the baby's head in order to pull to get the baby's left and right shoulder out. This force usually causes the baby's first subluxation. There can also be subluxations caused during cesarean delivery as well. Correct the subluxations as they occur, throughout the child's life, and the child will live a healthier and happier life. When the child is healthier and happier, the parents are also happier.

Dr. Pam Tomaszycki, D.C.

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Women, Mothers, and Mothers-To-Be (Part 2)

Date: August 27, 2015 | Time: 7:22pm | Posted By: Hope Chiropractors

Each of us have experiences in life in which we can learn, share, or keep to ourselves. The last eleven years of my life have been packed filled with experiences of being a mother.

My experiences of pregnancy, labor and birthing are something I don't share very often. I have three children and each have blessed me with a different experience.

I treasure these experiences because they have helped me become certain about a couple of truths when it comes to a woman's body when it comes to pregnancy, labor, and birthing

1) The woman's body is amazing in what it is capable of doing. It is going to do exactly what it needs to do, without interference, in most situations.
2) The baby is going to be able to grow and develop and be who God has created the baby to be without all the tests and ultrasound pictures.
3) Babies are going to come when they are ready; When they are done growing and developing not necessarily on the estimated due date. The due date is exactly estimate. Don't rush this day, time or hour. And don't worry if this estimated date passes and baby still has not arrived.
The best suggestion my midwife gave me was to give everyone a date past the estimated due date. This way the pregnant mother can wait patiently for baby's time to be "due".

3) There is no need to fear labor. Be patient. One contraction builds on the other. It prepares the mother for what is to come. Don't speed it up with drugs because this only causes all of the contractions to come equally intense and close together.

4) Labor is intense! Put your mind in a peaceful place with confidence and focus on your breathing knowing that your body is preparing to welcome a beautiful baby. The day you have been waiting almost ten months for.

5) Don't fear labor because of what you have heard from someone, seen on TV, or what your doctor has told you. Embrace it. Surround yourself with women who have been through natural birth and have embraced the process. These are the women that can support and coach you through.
6) With each birth, approach it confidently that this time you will have a beautiful natural birthing experience. If you are a first time mother, know with certainty that you can natural give birth naturally. As with everything, you don't know if you can unless you try. Why would you sell yourself short the first time and schedule a cesarean birth. Plan and focus on natural childbirth. This is the best for you and baby. If at the end things are not progressing or something changes, you can make the decision based on the situation and what is best for you and your baby.
7) Even if you have had a VBAC, you can approach the next pregnancy and focus on a successful natural delivery. Go back and read the third point from above. Labor may be longer and slower due to some scar tissue from the major abdominal surgery (cesarean). Be patient and allow your body to do what it needs to do to allow for natural childbirth.

8) Begin mentally preparing yourself during your pregnancy for the labor and delivery of your baby. Visualize how beautiful the day will be when you get to welcome your baby into the outside world. Surround yourself with woman who have successfully given birth naturally and have positive encouraging words to share.
Labor and delivery is a beautiful process and is extremely fulfilling. It all unfolds at the moment you get to hold your baby in your arms. That moment, in itself, is enough to work through the highs and lows of labor. The opportunity for you to be at your best and ready to nurse and take care of your child: to hold, love, nurture and bond with your child.
I speak from my experience. I have had three children: the first by an unscheduled cesarean, the second child was a VBAC and the third was a natural birth at home. I share this information in order to empower other mothers-to-be to believe in themselves and their bodies. Choose natural childbirth first.
Dr. Pam Tomasyzcki, D.C.
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Women, mothers-to-be, and mothers

Date: August 18, 2015 | Time: 1:04pm | Posted By: Hope Chiropractors

I have had this gnawing thought in my mind after participating in an event in Waterford and having the opportunity to talk to numerous pregnant mothers. Do we (women, mothers-to-be and mothers) trust our bodies? Even more specifically, do we trust our bodies through the process of pregnancy and delivery? Or do we fear the process of natural childbirth. Because of these gnawing questions, I decided to do a little research.
I wanted to research the cesarean rates in Oakland County. I then was curious for the county I live in, Macomb County. One of the sites that I researched online was The rate (or percentage) of cesarean births is found by taking the total cesarean births and dividing it by the total births. Below is a list of the hospitals found in these two counties and their cesarean rates. (1)
Oakland County
Botsford General Osteopathic Hospital 33.25%
Crittenton General Hospital 39.58%
Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital 31.83%
Huron Valley Hospital 33.05%
Providence Hospital 31.13%
St. John Health Providence Park Hospital 35.49%
William Beaumont Hospital (NICU) 41.64%
William Beaumont Hospital - Troy 39.86%

Macomb County
Mt. Clemens General Osteopathic Hospital 34.31%
St. Joseph Hospital West 34.87%
St. John Macomb Oakland Hospital - Macomb Center 30.52%

On the CDC's website (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) at, I found that the "average cesarean rate in the United States is 32.7%". (2) This means that the majority of the hospitals in Oakland and Macomb County have HIGHER cesarean rates. I also found that cesarean rates including "low-risk cesareans have been on a decline from 2009 to 2013 in most states EXCEPT for three states. Michigan happens to be one of these three states". (3)

After reviewing Michigan's rate of cesarean births by County at, I realized that not all Michigan counties exceeded the United States cesarean rate of 32.7% like Oakland and Macomb Counties. In fact there were numerous hospitals that were under 28%. I have listed below the hospitals that delivered a total of 700 births or more in a year period and had a cesarean rate at approximately 28%.

Bay Medical Center East 27.96% Bay County
Borgess Medical Center 27.52% Kalmazoo County
Foote W. A Memorial Hospital 26.09% Jackson County
Henry Ford Hospital (NICU) 27.64% Wayne County
Henry Ford Wyandotte General 28.44% Wayne County
Hutzel Hospital 27.54% Wayne County
Oakwood Hospital (Annapolis) (NICU) 27.33% Wayne County

An interesting thing to note is that four out of the seven hospitals listed above are from Wayne County. What is Wayne County mothers and doctors doing differently than Macomb and Oakland County? If I was choosing a hospital, I would be searching for a hospital with a low cesarean birth rate because cesarean birth is a serious concern to me. As stated on the CDCs website
"Cesarean delivery is abdominal surgery with short- and long-term risks and consequences, such as surgical complications, admission to neonatal intensive care, and higher costs, compared with vaginal delivery." (3)
An expecting mother and father MUST know that making a decision to have major abdominal surgery is a major risk to the mother and the baby. This decision should not be taken lightly! What is happening in the mother's mind or even in the doctor's prenatal care that encourages a women to make the decision to have a cesarean birth? Is it....
  • . Fear of not being able to endure labor
  • . Fear of the "baby being too big"
  • . Convenience for the mother and/or doctor

What is it?

Dr. Pam Tomaszycki, D.C.

1. Arnold, J. (2014). Michigan Cesarean Rates. Retrieved August 18, 2015, from
2. Births - Method of Delivery. (2015, January 22). Retrieved August 18, 2015, from
3. Osterman, M.H.S, M., & Martin, M.P.H., J. (2014, November 5). Trends in Low-risk Cesarean Delivery in the United States, 1990-2013. Retrieved August 18, 2015, from

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Giving you a "piece of our mind"

Date: August 11, 2015 | Time: 2:10pm | Posted By: Hope Chiropractors

The chiropractors of Hope Chiropractic will now have a place to share what is on their mind. They will be sharing
- their perspective on health topics in the news
- answers to questions frequently asked
- personal health related experiences
- and much more.

You can visit to view this and future BLOGS.

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